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Dieses Projekt ist das Soloprojekt von Haiko Herden, um seiner Vorliebe für Electronica und Krautrock auszuleben. Bis auf eine einzige Ausnahme (Teil des Universums) handelt es sich um Instrumentalmusik. Das erste Lebenszeichen gab es 2019 mit der EP Infernal (EP), seit [[2021] gibt es seither in jedem Jahr ein neues Album, was auch in Zukunft so fortgeführt wird.

Die Musik lässt sich als instrumentale Electronica und Synthwave mit Soundtrack-Einflüssen beschreiben, inspiriert von der Musik von Komponisten wie John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Frizzi und anderen.

Haiko Herden ist seit dem Jahr 1982 musikalisch aktiv und veröffentlicht derzeit unter den Namen Die Version (Minimal), The Evasion On Stake (New Wave, Shoegaze), Anti Trust (Wave, Synthpop) und weiteren Musik.

(English version):
HAIKO HERDEN is an artist from Hamburg/Germany, making music since around 1982.

Since then he wrote and recorded nearly 1000 songs with more than 20 bands and solo projects. Through the 80s and early 90s he exclusively worked with self released tapes in small quantities in multiple musical styles from New Wave and Minimal-Synth to Gothrock, Indie-Pop/Rock, Shoegaze, Industrial, EBM, Pop and Punk. At the moment he is working with Ralf Franken on their joint project DIE VERSION. Some other bands/projects through the years have been CHARLES LINDBERGH N.E.V., NEWS ON FRIDAY, THE EVASION ON STAKE, ANTI TRUST, THE BLACK RIBBON and JOHNNY BETON beside others.

In the early 90s he co-founded the label „Beton Tapes“, which became a well-known player in the international tape scene and released/distributed more than 120 records/tapes/CDs from and to all over the world. With his then actual projects THE EVASION ON STAKE and JOHNNY BETON he played a couple of gigs all over Germany.

After a break in the second half of the 90s, HAIKO HERDEN restarted his musical activities with his project ANTI TRUST (founded in 1986) and the label „NLW - Musik fuer gute Leute“, now on CD and vinyl. Some old stuff was re-released, new recordings took place and new bands and projects came alive like SOME CANDY TALKING and DIE ROTE GEFAHR. The music of HAIKO HERDEN is available on more than 20 records, CDs and Compilations and digitally on all platforms. With his first ever band CHARLES LINDBERGH N.E.V. he played a couple of gigs on Festivals like „Kernkrach“, „Young & Cold“, „Kein Kiel“, „Zellverfall“ and „Minicave“.

Since the mid-´10s HAIKO HERDEN worked on his Synthwave-project for the first time under his own name. In 2019 he released his first 3-track-EP „Infernal“ on digital platforms, followed by a series of albums.







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