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Coverabbildung Tape

Von der Band Anti Trust, erschienen auf dem Tape-Album Anxiety (Tape).


Coverabbildung Digital

It´s a hard day today
it will be a hard day tomorrow
but it doesn´t matter
because I´m just frustrated

Death and bones
show us we are living
but who wants to live today
cause everyone´s frustrated

Everyone´s eating unhealthy things
like Hamburger and Cola
we make ourselfs feel sick
we should be frustrated

Oh, the life is fine
but you should be moralistic
nobody is
that´s why we are all frustrated

In the night in the dark
darkness makes me feel so good
when the moon is shining
he´s also frustrated

Reagon or Gorbatschow
one day they will kill you
but it doesn´t matter
we are all frustrated

But we don´t realise it


Text und Musik: Haiko Herden 1986




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