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Coverabbildung Tape

Von der Band Anti Trust, erschienen auf dem Tape-Album Brennendes Land (Tape), 2003 zudem auf der Compilation Letters From The Firstborn von NLW - Musik fuer gute Leute.


Now you are gone
and I´am alone
you were so mad
and I feel so bad
you´ve paid a high price
and now you are dead
and I feel so sad

I´m living in a cave
and sitting by your grave
I think about your life
why did you take this knife

You´re bleeding in hell
and I think about a spell
to take you back home
but I´am alone

You´re on the other side
and the evil beside
the candle is out
and I sing loud
that I want to die
and I destroy my eye


Text und Musik: Haiko Herden 1986




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