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Coverabbildung Tape

Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen auf dem Album Murdered Angels Can't Reach Heaven.


Light yellow, breathing, growing
No need to cry for help
The dreams seems over and I awake again
I can't see people on the roads
At this rainy morning
And I walk alone through the early mist
I stand up again
And run through cold light
Between moving pictures
And here it is again

Another walk in your dreams
Upstairs to something like that
Where you are waiting
Without any noises
I come back and lock this door forever
Where are you now?

I like the flowers in your hair
You don't want to play with me?
There is still missing a page
And here it is again
(August 1993)


Text: Herr Haiko
Musik: Herr Haiko




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