A Lonely Killer

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A Lonely Killer
No help, it´s just the beginning
a bastard, cops do it by the book
we both don´t know what is going on outside
let´s take a look out of the window
my bad coscnioues is doing it´s best
strange sounds and smells of coffee
it´s the lonely killer
killing after ten years of illness
killing everything what moves
a body in the chair, a body on the wall
a pure face walking up the stairs
alone in a strange room
you and me both
but there is a knocking at this door
it seems to be the last fight on the top of this house
you are my little child
good god, help us
wet hair, he has a knife, is full of smoke
is static by sound, he is a lonely killer
I never saw something like this before
so hard, so cool, so closed like this
he has a white face and is stronger than earth
but I think I could kill you if I´am able to do it
just like blood, thrown ito thousand pieces
falling like a visitation on a cemetary
god save hell
no more blood, please
is it the end or it´s too hot to look through his mask
the personified evil are you!


Text: Herr Haiko