Someone Else A Strange Love

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Coverabbildung Tape

Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen auf dem Album Murdered Angels Can't Reach Heaven.


SOMEONE ELSE A STRANGE LOVE Now I understand why I can't eat
I try to sleep but it has no use
There is another world existing
The shadow side without lights
My floor is bare except the money
I have ideas for hitting your head
Delete your pain
Wish it was there
I am a man who lives alone
And do not open the box again
I hate you smoking, please excuse
And I would give everything for this secret
Let's start to live again
What's going on up there?
You want my soul?
Melting the heart and I told you that
Beg you for a promise
My name is someone else

Please look into my eyes
I am not interested in your blood
You can't scream
I don't waste anything
I only kill when I have to do it
Greed kills anxiety
I never need anyone
When I come back I shut the door
And here is the blood for you
There was an accident
That's why I married her
Death has no power over me
I fall down in the moonlight
And laugh and laugh
Within all the blood
Never waking up again
(Oktober 1993)


Text und Musik: Haiko Herden




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