No Way Out (Of My Room)

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Song von The Evasion On Stake, erschienen 1990 auf dem Tape Night By Night beim Label Beton Tapes.


The first night was dissipated
when I saw you in this little boat
alone drifting over the water
without memories but pretty in the power of plain

You left under sea
yellow air, a changing sky
you are so pretty when you're crying in pain
afraid of dark water
like your tongue in my dry mouth
creating bubbles in my throat
a figure of a sharp bone at this growing island
a body of an old man calmly crying on leaflets
so lovely noises out of your brain
don't touch me cause the window is a wave
legs, only legs under water
the uniformed death
classical terror

My girl you are so strange
but an inner voice helps me to learn
about the next chapter of re-birth and walking on water
a matter of non-understanding

The first night was realization
deeper inside of the forest
your eyes behind dark glass
unknown circles
dangerous and pretty
like stones on an empty beach

I don't belive it
you you can't remember anything
that's not funny


Text und Musik: Haiko Herden 1990





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