Laughing Against The Wall

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Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen auf dem Album Cold Memories (Album).


Alone in a forest with you
Your face is shining like blood in the dying sun
Naked bodies on the top of trees
Smoke, grey, through muscles
But you don´t say anything
A good friend, a good human being
Invisible, like a person from space
Your eyes are dissapearing
Nothing on earth could survive so much fire
We all will die behind a cloud
The same moon, the same jungle

I will cut your name into flesh
Shaking bodies in front of my eyes
Brown like chocolate, invisible like air
You're talking about evil
This summer is too hot
Without skin

A demon, blinking white in my eyes
Turn around, I´am behind you
I can see a shadow
Holiday under trees... and flies

Come on, this isn´t fun
Come on, instead of a scream
Bones are falling doown the sea
Swimming like electricity
Only realizing heat
But where are you
Walking under knifes of losing entrails?
Green is such a colour
Alone in a forest with you
Invisible in front of fire
Invisible against it all
I wanna see your blood, bastard

Cause you are so bloody ugly
A game, like cat and mouse
Hey, devil, you are drunken
Go away all muscles
I´m so tired


Text: Haiko Herden, März 1990
Musik: Haiko Herden




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