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Coverabbildung Tape

Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen auf dem Album Murdered Angels Can't Reach Heaven.


Switch the light out to see the fire in full brightness
Are you sure it's not my murderer?
Why should it be different?
Land and look, nearly stare
And my face is reflected in the varnish of the door
Now the signs are repeated
And the look, nearly stare into my face
I come inside and see pictures
Some of them are cruel, really terrible
And I see women like in films
I see all my little friends in the past
And I try to check my brain in the elevator
But they are waiting, looking, staring
Come on, I know you well
Prisoned in my brain, try to break out
I will execute and drive away
I was never sick, I know it right
If you do any tricks, I'll kill you
(März 1994)


Text und Musik: Haiko Herden




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