Hear Me In The Cold

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Coverabbildung Kassette

Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen 1993 auf dem Album Sometimes I Feel My Thoughts. And It Hurts. bei Irre Tapes.


Emergency call on automatic
visual contact but no reaction
look at me, coming soon out of hell
I hope you know what you are doing
so far so good in outer space
do you hear me in the cold?

Be careful with the air you breathe
or do you know how to fly
noone can do it itself without graphics
I've many names and I'am here
to get what's my own
day of judgement comes over you
now you are mine in the many sides of my name
another entrance we're looking for
don't become funny
I can show you things far beyond your strangest dreams
for mine and for ever, dark passion
I'am really surprised
ich bestimme dein Verderben
you lose your mind and I will take it
do you know me
every souls gets me over more heaven
do you remember me saying nothing
to stand together so close beyond the mirror
we can go if you want, strange and nice
do you really think that's one thing to cheer it up?
(November 1992)


Text: Haiko Herden
Musik: Haiko Herden




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