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By my mortal ego<br>
By my mortal ego<br>
Won't flee from destiny<br>
Won't flee from destiny<br>
Wwallow words like a placebo<br>
Swallow words like a placebo<br>
= Autor =
= Autor =
Text und Musik: [[Haiko Herden]]
Text und Musik: [[Haiko Herden]]

Version vom 15. September 2022, 20:48 Uhr


Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen auf dem Album Cold Memories (Album).


You close you mind
Your dreams out of sight
A rusty key
And too much blood in my veins

A pulse in a cage
Can't get back on the stage
All these lost days
Slave to mortal rage, coming of age

The dreams are sad
But I just don't mind
I cut the darkness
Painted blind
Want to touch your tears
My cold memories
Innocent blue is telling stories

United in deep blue
I want to understand the truth
The trail is always new
Put my finger in your eyes

I don't want to be beaten
By my mortal ego
Won't flee from destiny
Swallow words like a placebo


Text und Musik: Haiko Herden




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