Breaking The Silence

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Coverabbildung Kassette

Von der Band [[The Evasion On Stake], erschienen 1993 auf dem Album Sometimes I Feel My Thoughts. And It Hurts. bei Irre Tapes.


Lightning while you lay with me
You hit me and you laugh
Music fills my body
And my brain is walking through the night
Another story, another spell
A prisoner of my mind
Social cases, a dump of my own

We must make it again
just after finishing my work
Yes, it will be nice

Don't call my name anymore
I fought in war
This special war, a rape and a laugh and a sleep
Not far from here
It was a nice dream
I'am the smearest man in town

We must make it again
just after finishing my work
It is a lucky day
But I have my own fun again
Yes, it will be nice

(August 1993)


Text: Haiko Herden
Musik: Haiko Herden




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