Another Day (Another Dream)

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Coverabbildung Kassette

Von der Band The Evasion On Stake, erschienen 1993 auf dem Album Sometimes I Feel My Thoughts. And It Hurts. bei Irre Tapes.


The sun is shining on my face
the same feeling as my eyes open to the landscape in my mind
I see fire, I feel fantasy
through my sparkling glasses I can hear the planes at the skyline
like cruel flies
and I feel a sudden pain crying and flashing into my eyes

But it´s always just the same
but it´s always just the same
to fight in the fields of agony
to play another part in this stupid game
always just the same

But when I see you lying with broken eyes I´m crying again
my soul´s wandering up to the sky
my soul´s wandering up to the sky
and I cursed all the cruel things
human beings are able to to


Text: Haiko Herden
Musik: Haiko Herden




Der Track wurde ursprünglich für das Projekt This Girl Is Poison erstellt, die Aufnahme fand dann aber auf diesem Tape auch Platz.

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