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Sitting on a chair with a gun in my hand
waiting for you coming into this room
and I ask myself what I will do
if a person is waiting for me in this way
right, yes, no problem for god's sake
don't write it down
I don't want to hear anything about anyone
I'm not sure at all, not absolutely
when I'm lying in the white snow
I wouldn't give my life just for opportunity
and so please leave me alone and look to the television
I don't have to tell you anything
don't work too hard, because it's no secret
what I can see, what you can see, it doesn't matter
I am afraid of taking money
I was hoping to ask you about feelings of disappointment
two great influences in my life
first I don't have time
and then I don't have anything out of me
there is still light in this window
there is no light after midnight
I should work for it



Text: Haiko Herden





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